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10 levels of Graphing on the Coordinate Plane (with mystery pictures!)

Are your students struggling to grasp the concept of graphing on the coordinate plane? Are they confused whether to find the X or Y value first? If you are looking for a way to engage students and help them practice graphing on the coordinate plane you have landed on the right page. This 10 Levels of Graphing Packet will guide your students as they graph from a simple one quadrant graph to a four quadrant graph with decimals! Continue reading to see how this packet will benefit your students and how you can try the first page (Free Download, see below) with your class today!

Graphing on the coordinate plane

How does this Level Up Graphing on the Coordinate Plane Packet work?

These Coordinate Graph Worksheets are unique because the Coordinate Pairs are written below the graph. As students plot and connect the points on the coordinate plane, they will mark them off below the graph. And because the coordinate pairs are written below the graph, these worksheets make great packets!

As a busy teachers, packets are a life saver! By simply printing and stapling the packets for your students, you will ensure they have all the graphing practice they need without any more prep by you!

This packet is leveled, which means your students will be gradually challenged as they progress throughout the packet.

  • The Mystery Pictures begin on a small scale graph and advance as students get more comfortable with graphing coordinate pairs on the X and Y value.
  • This packet begins with graphing on a First Quadrant Graph and advances on a Four Quadrant Graph. The last 2 Mystery Pictures have students graphing with decimals (guides are included).
  • Students will reveal the coordinate grid pictures as they plot and connect points – making practice fun!
graphing on the coordinate plane

Ways to use this Level Up Graphing on the Coordinate Plane Packet in your Classroom

  • Direct Instruction – Use the included FREE Download (found below) to introduce the concept of coordinates and graphing on the coordinate plane. Show students how the coordinate plane is divided into four quadrants and explain the significance of the x-axis and y-axis. Once completed, download the packet and have students practice graphing at their own pace as they progress through the packet.
  • Math Centers – Use this packet as part of your math centers during your graphing unit. If you are using these as a center and are looking to add more activities to your centers, check out my Battleship Game that students absolutely love playing to practice graphing.
  • Entry Tasks – Need to get students at their seats and to work right away for your math block? Assign these packets as an entry task and watch your class engage with these as soon as they enter your class!
  • Homework Practice – Once students understand the concept of graphing on the coordinate plane and you feel comfortable with them practicing independently, send these packets as a fun homework practice.
  • Early Finishers Activity – Mystery Pictures are a great way to incentivize students to complete their work. I know assigning these as an early finishers activity will get my students working hard on their current task so they can complete and color these pictures in.
  • Quick and Easy Substitute Plans – Planning to be gone? Many teachers shared with me how these mystery pictures make great substitute plans because they can count on their students being on task for the sub! Once your get and prepare these packets simply copy and paste the paragraph below into your sub plans and you’re done!
Today for the math block students will be working on the Level Up Graphing Practice Packet. Explain how the first value in the coordinate pair is the x-value and is to be found on the horizontal line, and the second value in the coordinate pair is the y-value and is to be found on the vertical line. Where the two points meet is where students should plot that point. Remind the students to read the coordinate pairs below the graphs vertically and to connect each pair from START to STOP. Once graphed, students can use a marker to outline their Picture and crayons/colored pencils to color the picture in.

Level Up Graphing on the Coordinate Plane Video

Try a Worksheet with your students today!

Click the download button below to grab the first Level of the Level Up packet and use it with your students today! Once completed, find the entire packet here and have your students practice on more complex and four quadrant graphs.

What teachers like you are saying about this scaffolded packet:

***** “I would use these as sub plans for students to practice their skills either a new skill or as a review throughout the year!.” Highly recommend.

Kimberly P. (Extremely Satisfied)

*****” This was so much fun! My students really needed some thing a little bit more engaging to practice coordinate pairs and this became challenging but fun for them to do. What a great resource!” Highly recommend.

Kristina G. (Extremely Satisfied)

Ready to grab all 10 Levels and have your students practice graphing on the coordinate plane today?

If you want to grab all 10 pages and are ready to create your packets today, just click below and it will lead you to the packet! Download the packet and watch your students grow and excel in their graphing on the coordinate plane knowledge!

graphing on the coordinate plane