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How to teach the Coordinate Plane using Battleship Game

how to teach coordinate plane

Playing Battleship using the Coordinate Plane will hook your students as they practice locating and plotting points on a coordinate Plane. This competitive game will quickly become a student-favorite and you will love how easy the set up is. It’s a one-and-done prep that will last you for many years to come! Continue reading to learn how to teach the coordinate plane using Battleship Game in 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Create the Game Boards

In Word or PowerPoint(recommended), create the coordinate plane board to represent the battlefield for the ships. I created the battlefield using a 10×10 table. Split the sheet in half and duplicate your table. On the left side, title “My Ships” on the right side, title “”Opponents/Enemies Ships”.

If you like saving time and hate finicking with technology, just grab my ready to print game boards (they are also differentiated, including First Quadrant Coordinate Plane and Four Quadrant Coordinate Planes)

how to teach the coordinate plane

Step 2: Prep your Game Boards

After you create your game boards, prep them for quick and easy access for your students. Simply print the number of game boards needed (one per student), then slide each one in a sheet protector and staple the sheet protectors to one side of a file folder.

Students will use Dry Erase Markers to Position their ships and mark hits and misses on their opponents ships. This will allow for easy clean-up, and you can reuse these game boards again and again. In the next step you will learn how to teach the coordinate plane using Battleship Game!

how to teach the coordinate plane

Step 3: Explain the Rules of Battleship to your Class

When you are looking for how to teach the coordinate plane to your students, a fun and competitive game will make learning fun for your students and teaching the concept easy for you.

Since the boards are not identical to Battleship, the rules vary slightly as well. You can explain the rules to your class as listed below, or you can show your students a detailed video explaining “how to play coordinate plane battleship”. This video was created specifically accompanying these game boards.

Coordinate Plane Battleship Game Rules:

2 Players

Objective: Be the first to sink all 5 of your opponent’s ships

Set up: Both players will have the “sink the ships!” page in front of them. They will sit facing each other with a barrier in between so they cannot see each other’s grid.

How to Play:

Each student will secretly place their fleet of 5 ships on the “My Ships” Coordinate Plane (horizontally or vertically only)

Players will alternate turns calling out one shot per turn to try to “hit” each other’s ships, and use the “Opponents Ships” Coordinate Plane to keep track of their “hits” and “misses”.

If a Player “hits” any part of their ship, the opponent will call out “hit, submarine”

Once a player hits all spaces that occupy a ship, their opponent will call out “hit, you sunk my submarine” and that player will mark the hit and circle the points of that ship to represent a sunken ship.

The first player to sink all 5 of their opponent’s ships, wins.

During the entire duration of the game students will locate the coordinate pairs and plot the points on the coordinate plane helping them learn the coordinate plane by giving them ample amount of graphing practice!

Ways to use this game in your classroom:

These Game Boards include a QR Code that links to the “How to Play Coordinate Plane Battleship Game” video so students are able to access the video independently. Because students can access the directions through their phone, you can use this game for:

Math Nights: Families can play Coordinate Plane Battleship together after viewing the video and learning the rules and directions.

School/Home Connections: You can send the game boards home with students to play with their families at home.

Centers: Students can quietly view the video prior to playing with their classmates to ensure all rules are followed.

Now that you’ve learned how to teach the coordinate plane using Battleship Game, Click here to take you to the Ready to Print Game Boards to save you time, and play Battleship with your class today!

how to teach the coordinate plane

Take your student’s graphing skills to the next level!

Help your students master plotting points on a four quadrant coordinate plane with this Mystery Picture of the Day packet! This packet is everything you need to help students excel in graphing. It is differentiated, easy to use, and challenging by achievable for your students.

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