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Four Quadrant Coordinate Plane 10 Mystery Pictures

Help your students master plotting points on a four quadrant coordinate plane with this Mystery Picture of the Day packet! This packet is everything you need to help students excel in graphing. It is differentiated, easy to use, and challenging but achievable for your students.

four quadrant coordinate plane

What is the Mystery Picture of the Day packet?

The Mystery Picture of the Day packet is a 2-week packet that gives your students daily graphing practice! Each worksheet is labeled with the day of the week at the top. This makes it easy for students to get to work right away. When you use it as an entry task, students will come in, take out their packet, find the day of the week and practice plotting and connecting points to reveal the mystery picture.

Scaffolded Four Quadrant Coordinate Plane

The packet is scaffolded. For week 1, students will practice on a 5×5 four quadrant coordinate plane. During week 2, students will practice on a 10×10 four quadrant coordinate plane. The graphs increase in integers as students become more comfortable with graphing.

Differentiated – First Quadrant and Four Quadrant Coordinate Plane

In this download, you will find every mystery picture available in the four quadrant coordinate plane and the first quadrant coordinate plane. This will help you differentiate for your student’s needs. Students working in small groups can begin with the first quadrant graph to help them focus on finding the x-value first then meeting with the y-value. Your more proficient students may benefit from the four quadrant coordinate plane to give them a little more of a challenge.

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Why teachers love this packet

“I use this resource with my 6th graders to get some fun and engaging practice with coordinate plane. My kids really enjoyed these coordinate picture graphs. Highly recommend.

Tamala M. (Extremely Satisfied)

“I used these to introduce coordinate graphing in the four quadrants. The worksheets were fun, engaging, and provided a lot of practice.”

Brian B. (Highly Satisfied)

This was a great end of the year activity/lesson to do with my 4th graders in prepping them for 5th grade math. They were engaged and loved these activities.

4th Grade teacher (Highly Satisfied)

Ways to Use this packet

Teachers also love this packets because prep is quick and easy. Once the packets are completed, students will have 2 weeks of daily graphing practice. Some ways to use this in your classroom are:

Entry task – because the days on the week are labeled, this packet is great for Entry Tasks during your graphing unit. Students can keep this packet at their desks, and easily access it to begin math.

Early finishers activity – This packet is a great motivator for students to finish work. Assign it as an early finishers activity and watch your students eagerly complete their work to begin working on this packet.

Math Centers – Assign this packet as a center. Students will be engaged in plotting and connecting points to reveal the mystery picture, making it a great independent activity.

Direct Instruction – you can use this packet to teach students how to find, plot and connect the quadrant pairs. It is scaffolded, making it challenging but doable for students to complete.

Homework – students will be excited to take this packet home to complete.

Grab your packet today!

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Click on the image above to take you to this 2-week coordinate plane packet!

More graphing practice for less?

If your looking for more first and four quadrant coordinate plane graphing practice for your students you must check out my Year Long graphing MEGA BUNDLE. This BUNDLE includes Mystery Pictures for all 4 Seasons, Valentine’s Day, my popular St. Patrick’s Day Graphing Activity and all Mystery Picture of the Day activities. All together there are over 50 Mystery Pictures and many more to come! Click below to check out this Bundle of graphing activities.

All year coordinate graphing mystery picture bundle

All Mystery Pictures have the great features teachers love. The coordinate pairs are all on the same page as the graph and many of the activities come in packet form making prep a breeze! With this All Year MEGA Bundle you are prepared for every season and more of fun and engaging graphing practice!

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